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Is CrossFit Safe?

I get asked this question a lot.

Personally I am a big fan of CrossFit, the culture, the environment, the versatility and variability along with the accountability is a great combination for a successful fitness regime.

Like anything there is an element of ‘risk of injury’, however I believe the benefits far out way the risks.

A study published in 2019 reported that CrossFit is a safe training option when practiced in a controlled environment, and it is not more dangerous than other training methods.

The most common CrossFit injuries are shoulders (39 percent), back (36 percent), knees (15 percent), elbows (12 percent) and wrists (11 percent). Having a previous injury constitutes one of the main risk factors for re-injuring during CrossFit (Sugimoto 2019).

Warming up, proper execution of the exercises, and recovery are best to avoid injuries.

If you do sustain an injury or develop a ‘niggle’, early assessment and intervention is best. Here at Elite Physio, we believe in activity modification, not elimination. So we won’t pull you out of training unless absolutely necessary. There are many variations to movements or exercises in CrossFit to allow you to continue training.

Below is a nice BLOG from Dr. Jorge Chahla, orthopaedic surgeon and team physician for the Chicago White Sox (MLB) and Chicago Bulls (NBA).

Joshua Tidswell

Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist


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