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Sports and Remedial Massage targets deep tissues (muscles, tendons, muscle fascia and ligaments) to treat a range of injuries and prevent them from re-occurring. At Elite Physiotherapy, our Massage Therapists treat a range of presentations from sports injuries, general muscle soreness and muscle tightness post-exercise, to pain and spasm from postural and work-related problems. 

Our experienced Massage Therapists work closely with our Physiotherapists to offer a superior service and best manage your injury or problem ensuring the best possible outcome.

Sports and Remedial Massage is beneficial for a range of problems including:




Massage consultations will begin with an assessment of tight soft tissue and other injuries of concern. You can choose from either a 30, 45 or 60 minute massage session.

During this time, our Massage Therapists will use a variety of hands on treatment techniques that will assist with injury prevention, reducing muscle tension and restoring normal soft tissue function.

Many people wait until they are already in pain or suffering injuries before booking a massage, however, regular massage can be beneficial as a preventative measure so that such injuries do not occur.

If you would like further information on Sports and Remedial Massage at Elite Physiotherapy,

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